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Computer Services

What ever the need, if we can't figure it out or fix it, our service are free, guaranteed
  1. Computer Repair
    You will get an honest answer when deciding to fix it, upgrade it, or replace it, call for more information
  2. Maintenance and Data Security
    From computer virus checking to securing your valuable data we can advise you the best course of action pertaining to your circumstances, just give us a call.
  3. Home Networking
    In today's world its all about connecting everything to everything and it all starts with a home network design. From music to Alexa setup we do it all, call for more information.
  4. Education
    From windows to Microsoft office to apps on the computer we can arrange one on one instruction. Call for more information
  5. Basic website design
    We design basic websites for personal or business, like this one. Call for an estimate and to discuss what would be involved.